Kingston Midlands Completes Premier Inn Chesterfield

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Kingston Midlands complete their first project with main contractor Jomast, a growing relationship that has developed from the success of Kingston North East. The project is part of the Northern Gateway scheme. The £10.5 million scheme, sees several developments taking place around Chesterfield town Centre.

Kingston started working on the project just under a year ago, helping to transform a former Co-op building into a 92 bed Premier Inn over 3 storeys. The project consisted of refurbishing the existing building to meet specific requirements outlined by overall client Whitbred Plc, owners of Premier Inn.

Kingston were responsible for the full drylining package of the 3-storey building which included stud partitions, MF ceilings in all bedrooms, tape, joint and finishing. Suspended ceilings were also installed in the corridors throughout the building. Kingston also carried out works to the Restaurant, Dinning and Check-in areas of the building. Thermal boards of 150mm were installed to the external structure of the building, upgrading the overall thermal rating of the building.

‘When working with an existing structure, it can present a number of challenges compared to a new build. We have to ensure all of our partition systems meet the acoustic wall ratings along with fire requirements with an existing structure.’ Explained Murray Bonser, Business Director of Kingston Midlands.

Kingston were also required to carry out works to the ground floor to help prepare for future development for a retail and leisure spaces. Further fire and sound requirements needed to be achieved due to the Premier Inn being above these spaces.

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